Victoria, President

Passionate about nature and the ocean, I obtained my Master's degree in marine biology in 2014. Since then, I have been involved in different research projects on cetaceans in several countries (Canada, Australia, Mexico, Nicaragua). Wishing to persevere in research and share my passion with the greatest number, I created One Ocean with the help of some relatives. Thanks to this organisation, I wish, on the one hand, to co-finance my doctorate in marine biology, and afterwards to carry out a research project on cetaceans off the Arcachon Bay - while broadcasting as much information as possible to the public!


Jeremy, Accountant

My name is Jeremy Dupuch, I am an oyster farmer on the Arcachon Bay, more precisely on the peninsula of Cap-Ferret. Living in harmony with nature (with which my family has been working for over eight generations), the understanding and preservation of it seems essential to me. Hoping for a collective awareness, I took part in this wonderful project led by Victoria, a passionate whom I give all my trust.


Samantha, Secretary

My name is Samantha and I always grew up on the seaside, whether it was in the Vendée region during my first 13 summers, or on the Arcachon Bay where I spent 7 years before moving to Dublin in Ireland for now almost 8 years. I have the pleasure of being the secretary of One Ocean, and apart from the fact that Victoria is my best friend and it being important for me to show her my support and to share her new adventure, it is vital that more research be done on our oceans to discover and understand their biodiversity. I also hope that the organisation will allow young scientists in the future to have the resources to do their research.