The Striped dolphin

The Striped dolphin. Scientific name: Stenella coeruleoalba

Present in every oceans, the striped dolphin is rather pelagic and tends to follow groups of small fish, but it also feeds on cephalopods. It measures about 2 meters long and is rather demonstrative by its activity on the surface. This specie has no sexual dimorphism, and it is therefor impossible to distinguish the male from the female (except by returning the animal, thanks to the presence of breast slits).

According to some research, striped dolphins are more likely to be nocturnal predators and would show a particular hunting organization by dispersing in small groups. By day, this organization changes and the group gets together. Groups can be composed of several hundred individuals!

Although still numerous, the striped dolphins undergo threats which affects their number (nets, pollutions, military tests, boats etc). They are not visible in captivity because they are so-called un-trainable!
Classified as "Least Concern" by IUCN, striped dolphins are still classified as Appendix II of CITES. More information on the following link: